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We nurture your talents, help you transform into the best version of yourself, and empower you to represent your voice in the world

Empowering Future Leaders

Our Mission

 To equip our students with the most sought-after hard and soft skills for success in the ever-evolving landscape of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Our Vision

To be the preeminent catalyst for transformative business education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, igniting the potential of our students to lead, innovate, and navigate the dynamic future of work.

Our Belief

This generation is doomed. Why people are increasingly becoming unemployable? Why businesses can’t grow without digital marketing? We must act NOW.

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Why Choose Us ?

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of helping students achieve their career goals. Our graduates have landed jobs at leading companies across various industries, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.

Industry-Validated Credentials

DMI's certifications are recognized and valued by employers worldwide, giving you a significant advantage in the job market.

Commitment to Excellence

We are constantly evolving our curriculum and services to ensure you receive the most up-to-date and impactful training available.

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Our Courses


Diverse courses designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. Unlock new possibilities with expert-led learning experiences. Enroll today!”

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

3 Months


Soft Skills &

3 Months


Our Credintials


 Avant Garde offers a Diploma in Digital Marketing and Communications and Personality Development Course.

The course duration is three months; timings are mutually decided by the students on the Orientation Day, and the frequency of classes is two classes per week (2.5 hours per class i.e. 5 hours a week).

DMI-Australia- the World’s highest authority on digital marketing will certify you once you graduate from Avant Garde.

Basic qualification. We have around 15 seats allocated per batch and we choose those candidates who show vigour and seriousness towards this career.

Trainers are practicing digital marketing professionals, duly certified by DMI-Australia. For Communications, we have Cambridge University-certified trainers.

Avant Garde’s well-built curriculum set by DMI Australia, appropriately qualified trainers, a State-of-the-Art offline campus in the heart of Srinagar, and a certification from DMI-Australia, which is valid worldwide, in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada and Middle-East makes it the best choice for candidates. Candidates get the same certificate that they would get in Australia. Avant Garde is the exclusive partner of DMI-Australia in North India.

After admission, students are provided access to their account on the DMI-Australia portal for 6 months, where all course materials are available, including podcasts, video lectures, Test preparation, and PDFs.

We assist in CV building, arrange interviews, and at times have on-campus hiring. We have hosted companies from Dubai and Mumbai to hire our graduates.

  • Yes, our graduates can continue advanced studies in this field on our Australian campus.


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